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If you're a wellness provider who wants to integrate antiracism and equity into your business to better serve your clients and grow a sustainable and thriving business, check out these resources created just for you!


Are you a wellness provider who wants align your personal and business values, gain the confidence and language to advocate for social justice in wellness, access the support and tools you need to embody anti-oppression in your work and implement best practices to client care that are rooted in equity?  Sign up below for information on the upcoming Embodying Equity course for wellness providers. 

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Do you believe that wellness should be accessible to all but haven't taken the time to build antiracism into your wellness business? You don't want to miss this free masterclass! You'll learn why antiracist and anti-oppressive work is critical to growing a thriving wellness business and serving your clients, and the steps you can take to transform your business today.

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